Outdoor Spectaculars

Each year we co-create and present a free, spectacular international production for Luton.


The events create a moment for everyone to come together, unite and shine a light on our town. Each event includes workshops in the run-up to the event, where schools and residents can engage in creative activities such as puppet or lantern-making.

2023 Lampadophores by Picto Facto

French street performance company Picto Facto presented a colourful and joyous giant parade of inflatables in Luton on 9 November 2023.

Hundreds of people lined the streets to see the one night only performance that started in Bury Park and ended in St George’s Square, Luton.

Before the parade, 480 children at Beech Hill Primary in Bury Park participated in lantern and miniature puppet-making workshops with Revoluton Associate artist Shabeena Parveen.

“I loved the voices and the music. It made me feel happy. It’s important to see things like this because sometimes you don’t see things like this and it makes you want to take part” Ayden Wilson, 9.

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2022 DUNDU The Giants of Light

Germany’s DUNDU- Giants of Light brought their giant 5 metre tall light puppet DUNDU, and his smaller ‘younger brother’ Baby DUNDU to the streets of Luton on 20 October 2022. The puppets led an enthralled parade of local residents into the heart of the town centre bringing a sense of wonder, togetherness and joy.

Baby DUNDU also visited Richmond Hill School East in the morning as a special treat for pupils and residents engaged in lantern-making workshops which they carried in the parade.

“It was nice to have everyone together, there was a sense of unity, especially in Bury Park which is like the beating heart of the town. I feel elated. Nothing normally happens like this, on this scale.” Luke Dwyer

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A giant wicker puppet at night time

2019 RISE!

French company, Cie I’Homme Debout, bought their puppetry performance to Luton in October 2019, joined by local creatives, choreography Jean Abreu and rapper Shifa Choudhury. Local people joined in dance, poetry and puppetry workshops in the weeks leading up to the event.

A crowd watch a group of giant colourful circles

2017 Colour of Light

French artists Compagnie Off, brought their Electro Parade a Colour of Light to Luton Town Centre in August 2017.

A group of performers through coloured powder over a crowd

2015 Colour of Time

A stunning reinvention of the traditional Holi Festival was brought to Luton by French company Artonik in August 2015.


We deliver our outdoor spectaculars with Global Streets, as a member of the Global Streets national network led by FESTIVAL.ORG and supported by Arts Council England.