St George’s Square

Light Up Luton! Thousands join special evening parade of DUNDU - The Giants of Light


We invited Germany’s DUNDU- Giants of Light for Luton’s outdoor spectacular on 20 October 2022. They brought their giant 5 metre tall light puppet DUNDU, and his smaller ‘younger brother’ Baby DUNDU. The puppets led an enthralled parade of local residents into the heart of the town centre bringing a sense of wonder, togetherness and joy.

To get ready for the parade, many Luton residents came together to make their own lanterns, at free workshops organised by the UK Centre for Carnival Arts.  The after-dark parade led by DUNDU began at Kenilworth Road with people carrying lanterns they made at the workshops. Along the way to the finale, DUNDU interacted with people in the parade, people in their houses peeking through their windows, greeting businesses and their staff and surprising some unsuspecting locals along the way.

The grand finale gathering at St George’s Square began with Dhol drummers Dhols Royce playing as DUNDU and the parade arrived. A series of young performers that Revoluton Arts has been working with over four years performed to the crowds compared by actor Tiarnan Doherty. These artists included Next Generation Youth Theatre, musician LDDEA, Sad Face the Poet, and visually impaired Country and Western singer, Will Murgatroyd.

DUNDU, which means You and You (or Du und Du), is a gentle, giant light puppet from German arts company DUNDU – The Giants of Light. Baby DUNDU, known as DUNDU’s little brother made a special appearance in the morning at special needs school Richmond Hill School East, interacting and engaging with the pupils.

“It was nice to have everyone together, there was a sense of unity, especially in Bury Park which is like the beating heart of the town. I feel elated. Nothing normally happens like this, on this scale.” Luke Dwyer

“It was funny. I feel happy. I like the lights and the singing and dancing.” Zahra, aged 6

“It was cool. It’s special being here, it’s everyone’s hometown. To see all the lights and everyone being together.” Lily, aged 13

‘I think it was something creative. It brought a bit of hope to people. How it started from the very beginning, I think it gave a lot of kids that little ray of hope in life . . . We all work together as one big community, it’s like our own little community family here. I think Luton’s full of creativity.” Danyul Khan

“Honestly, I can’t say thank you enough, that was the most amazing experience. I felt in terms of the sensory experience that our kids would get so much from it but Baby DUNDU exceeded my expectations. I can’t begin to tell you how moved I felt knowing how hard it is for our children to engage and have new experiences. . . This moment was just beautiful and magical. I’m so so grateful.” David, teacher, Richmond Hill School

St George’s Square

Fountains in front of Luton Town Hall
St George's Square, Luton


A Dundu – Giants of Light production presented by Revoluton Arts in partnership with FESTIVAL.ORG and Global Streets, supported by Arts Council England.

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