Revoluton Associates

Aimi Rix Artist

The focus of my artistic practice is community outreach and transforming spaces to produce a quantifiable shift in the community’s experience. I enjoy connecting artists and organisations of all creative genres, seeking out collaborations, expanding my practice and understanding our community's needs and desires.

There is no shortage of wall space in the world. An exhibition can be anything or anywhere. My imagination gets carried away painting the town into a creative pathway.

Some well known pieces I have completed are:

  • The subways in Marsh Farm, in partnership with Futures Community Voice
  • The Bob Marley wall at Marsh House, in partnership with Revoluton Arts and Mark Tanti (aka Demografix)
  • The Retro Games area at The Mall, with Mark Tanti and Sharon Mitchell (aka Smitch)
  • The Artists Hand mural at The Mall Luton
  • The underpass at Whipsnade zoo with Mark Tanti.

I’m really excited to be working in Farley Hill in, having recently moved back to the area. It's a great opportunity to connect with local residents to deliver an art project and/or installation inspired by their own story. I'm also looking forward to collaborating with international and local artist, Dominic Allan, to deliver something exceptional. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.

Sonia Chowdhury

I would say I'm a jack of all trades, but there is always a creative edge to what I am involved in. My dream is to be a screenwriter for a hit Netflix series or Eastenders - there is no in between. At the moment, I currently work in business and marketing, whilst also trying to grow my presence on social media. I spend my free time volunteering as a radio presenter and making films with an indie film group, Hidden Tiger Films. We love to shine a light on topics that we believe are under-represented in the Film and TV industry. This ties into my project 'Made in Luton.'

'Made in Luton,' commissioned by Revoluton Arts, is a visual piece created by the people of Luton, about the people in Luton. This documentary will be created by Hidden Tiger Films in collaboration with young people from the Bury Park Community. For me, Bury Park is a significant location and community in Luton, as I grew up there. The community is often misunderstood as Luton faces negative portrayal in the media. The stories I want to show may not be strictly positive, but they will be very real. You may relate to some and think other stories are bizarre - but you will understand a little more about a person made in Luton.

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