Virtual Events & Festivals Management

You can do more than ever when planning a virtual event or festival. There’s the exciting build up to think about, the line-up, and of course the at-home treats and finishing touches that help your audience transform their homes into theatres.

Virtual events & festivals package

Beyond our meeting and conference offerings, our virtual events and festival package covers:

Dedicated client manager

Our dedicated client manager, Furhaad Ahmed is your first point of contact. With his years of events management experience, he’ll understand exactly what your event needs and appoint the right team of Young Digital Associates.

Virtual meeting space

We’ll host your event on our professional Zoom account so you get the range of business features, while joining the event from your free login.

Technical host

One of our Young Digital Associates will take care of all the Zoom-related administrative tasks such as sending out secure meeting invites, setting up your custom waiting room and making sure that only invited guests and ticket holders can enter your virtual event.

Technical support

A big virtual event needs technical support. If you have a range of performers and entertainers taking the stage, you’ll need someone who understands their AV needs as well as specific software and streaming tools.

Marketing and ticketing service

Help us reach your audience wherever they may be. The joy of virtual events is that you can connect with people all over the world. Our marketing and ticketing experts work with our creative producers to set you up on Eventbrite, so you get a dedicated virtual event page, and your audience gets a seamless experience from ticket to event link. Our marketing services cover social media and digital communications, and because our Young Digital Associates are social media savvy, they’re always bursting with ideas on how to reach people in ever more creative ways.

Creative services

To complement our marketing and ticketing service, we can also cover all your creative content needs. Our creative team can help with affordable, no-fuss creative support to give you everything from social media posts to a virtual backdrop and waiting room graphic. They can also work with your line-up to deliver creative touches to their performances or put together presentations and infographics.

Tech rehearsal

Your virtual event or festival needs a tech rehearsal. This is our chance to run through our extensive checklist and make sure everything goes to plan on the day. Our tech rehearsal covers AV and lighting and ensures pitfalls such as changeovers, screen-sharing and videos run without a hitch.

Full event management

Events and festivals take a lot of planning. We know – we’ve put on hundreds of arts and culture events in and around Luton. If you’ve got an event idea, speak to us about our full event management service. We’ll brainstorm ideas with you, supply acts and entertainers, sort out logistics and take care of every technical detail. We’ll also take care of creative content and help promote your event. You’ll not only get the benefit of our experience, you’ll also get the bright minds and ideas from our Young Digital Associates who’ll work out extra special bespoke elements that create a truly memorable virtual event or festival.


Every virtual event or festival needs one or two presenters. You need personalities who keep everyone’s energy up and give teasers for what’s coming next so no one hits that leave button. As a Luton-based arts organisation, we’re perfectly placed to bring you the cream of the crop from the town’s presenters and performers.

Artists and entertainers

You’re probably not going to organise an event or festival without a lot of entertainment. Whatever you’re looking for – or if you’re open to ideas - we can help with your line-up and will connect you with up-and-coming artists and seasoned entertainers alike.

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