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Pro-quality virtual events that invest in young people’s creative futures

We employ young Lutonians to help run our virtual events service using a social enterprise model with all profits reinvested into developing their creative skills.

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We take the hassle out of running your virtual event

Organising and running online events can be complicated.

Our team can guide you through the entire process — from marketing and ticketing, to technical support to make sure your event runs smoothly, and post-event feedback surveys.

Things we can help with:

  • Online meeting space on Zoom
  • A host to manage your meeting or event (spotlighting speakers, greeting delegates)
  • Marketing your events
  • Presentations / slideshows
  • Online ticketing through Eventbrite
  • Providing presenters and artists
  • Tech rehearsals
  • Virtual backdrops
  • Facebook Live and YouTube streaming
  • Recording your event

Why choose us?

Our virtual events management service is run on a social enterprise model that invests in young Lutonians' creative futures.

All profits from this service are reinvested into further developing local young people’s creative skills.

By choosing us for your virtual event, you’re helping provide paid opportunities for young people in Luton and investing in young people’s creative futures.

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Meet our Young Digital Associates

Our team of Young Digital Associates will take care of running your virtual event.

We’re trained our young team to give them the technical skills to help you run a successful and safe virtual event.

Overseen by our experienced events manager, Furhaad Ahmed, they will oversee the technical and delegate management of your online event, leaving you to focus on what you do best.



Addie worked on our Digital Revoluton online creative programme between April and July 2020 and is a whizz at setting up and managing Zoom events. She is a Luton-based actor, producer and co-founder of production company, The Basement Bunch.



Lavz has been hosting virtual music events with us since April 2020:

“My Revoluton Arts journey began with the Justice 39 outdoor theatre performance in Luton town where I had the chance to collaborate and build connections with other artists and have been heavily supported since. From then, I have worked on two commissions: hosting my own online creative hangout space and songwriting workshops; expanding my skill set as a content creator as well as someone who writes, performs and produces music.”



Ronan has just finished his three-year degree in film, radio and TV. He completed our digital imaging technician training in summer 2020 and has written a sitcom with his brother Tiarnan.



Tiarnan has been hosting virtual events for us since April 2020. He is a professional actor from Luton. He has completed four years of drama school training and is now taking his first steps into the industry. As well as acting, he plays ukulele, guitar and writes for stage and screen. He is keen to learn more about directing and film making.

Journey: "I first met Revoluton Arts in 2019 as a performer in a community project called Justice 39. I started attending their events, such as Open Mic Night, and got to know them better as people and the whole Luton arts community in general. They trained me as an online workshop host as part of the Digital Revoluton programme, where I hosted many workshops via Zoom during lockdown. Most recently, I completed some digital imaging technician (DIT) training with them, which has improved my video editing skills and my knowledge of film making.


Yasmin completed our digital imaging technician training in summer 2020 and is looking forward to completing her Zoom training.

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