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Photo: Aleksandra Warchol

Revoluton selected to be a part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Digital Accelerator Program

We are delighted to share that Revoluton is one of over 100 US and UK based organisations to be selected for Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Digital Accelerator Program. The Program helps cultural organisations stabilise and thrive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic through strategic investments in digital infrastructure.

The Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Digital Accelerator Program will help us contribute to and strengthen Luton’s creative community by providing quality digital training for local young people, over the next 18 months.

Everything we do at Revoluton is inspired and informed by local people, and young people have been central to our planning for new digital activity. We recognise the challenges our young people experience in accessing and creating digital content – where financial and physical barriers, and access for the disabled community, can obstruct opportunity to participate and learn. Luton’s ethnically diverse demographic is currently underrepresented in the creative industries, which are facing skills shortages, particularly within the UK film sector which is experiencing significant growth. Revoluton is committed to providing development opportunities for Luton’s creative community; diverse representation is paramount in the work we produce and within the creative workforce we support.

Lindsey Pugh, CEO and Creative Director, Revoluton, said: “Securing support from Bloomberg Philanthropies is fantastic news for Revoluton at this exciting stage of organisational growth. Revoluton has a strong reputation for the delivery of outstanding creative programmes rooted in the community. This investment will support our ambition to raise the profile of Luton and its vibrant creative community. Luton is a young town and placing young people at the heart of our programme, and investing in their development, is a huge motivator for us. We are supporting them to aspire, connect and thrive in their hometown instead of seeking opportunities elsewhere. This investment enables us to grow our network of partners, locally and beyond, exposing young people to a greater range of opportunities and professional networks. Giving young people the tools to capture and share the work that Luton’s creative sector presents is a brilliant opportunity to put our town on the map.”

Support from Bloomberg Philanthropies also goes towards a ‘Bloomberg Tech Fellow’. This role sits within the Revoluton team and develops their skills as an advocate for using technology to move the organisation forward with its Digital Accelerator project. The Tech Fellow participates in a learning programme that supports Revoluton to develop and embed its improved digital infrastructure.

Alongside redesigning a new website with an integrated Customer Relationship Manager system, Revoluton will create a new, fully functional editing suite that will become a physical training hub for young people.

Sarah Owen, MP for Luton North said: “As someone who believes creativity is integral to wellbeing, enrichment and also our economy, it gives me immense pleasure to learn our very own Revoluton has been selected for the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Digital Accelerator Program. The investment this will generate will ensure the great work Revoluton are currently doing continues and expands, bringing with it opportunities much needed for the growth of our young people in Luton.”

In October 2022, we worked with Mediorite to co-deliver our inaugural training programme to capture content for our fantastic outdoor arts event, DUNDU: ‘Lighting up Luton’. Mediorite – a film production company and digital agency based in east London – has specific expertise in opening up training and employment opportunities for young people underrepresented in the industry.

Tessa took part in the training, and said: “I learnt a lot about how the film industry works because we covered all the elements of film making; sound, camera skills, script writing, interviewing techniques and editing. Taking part in the workshop run by industry professionals has opened up some great opportunities. I’ve been given the chance to work on a video launch for a high-profile artist which was a result of taking part in the filmmaking workshops.”

Cllr Sian Goding, portfolio holder responsible for culture at Luton Council said, “We are delighted that Revoluton, who have brought the town many wonderful events and programmes, has secured this support which will allow them to invest in and help grow young local talent. Cultural events and activities are such an integral part of Luton as they bring together communities in such a wonderful way and they help with our vision of transforming lives through arts, culture and heritage. This is such an important aspect of our Luton 2040 vision for the town.”

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please get in touch: [email protected]