Kickstarter Mini Commissions

Up to £400 to help anyone living or working in Luton do something creative — plus mentoring and support to deliver it.

What are Kickstarter Mini Commissions?

Revoluton Arts’ Kickstarter Mini Commissions are small investments of up to £400 available to anyone living or working in Luton who wants help to kickstart a creative project or develop their creative practice.

As well as financial help, a Kickstarter Mini Commission gives you access to mentoring and support from experienced professionals to help deliver your project/outcome.

You will also have the opportunity to discuss the future potential of your work with one of the country’s leading creative producers.

Who can apply?

Kickstarter Mini Commissions are open to anyone over 18 and who lives or works in Luton.

Mini Commissions aren’t just for ‘artists’ — they are open to anyone who wants to do something creative. You could be interested in calligraphy, animation, henna art, DJ-ing, poetry, photography, acting, dancing, or crafting.

What types of projects/outcomes are eligible?

The only requirement is that:

  • your project must benefit Luton’s citizens
  • OR you will use the investment to develop your own creative practice.

Your project/outcome must also be deliverable in approximately 3 to 4 months.

What can I use the money for?

You could use the money to:

  • buy equipment - eg a digital camera
  • attend a workshop or training course
  • go to conference
  • test out an idea
  • put on a new event in Luton
  • collaborate with another creative
  • or something else – you tell us what would make the difference!

What do I need to do as part of a Kickstarter Mini Commission?

If you are successful in securing a Kickstarter Mini Commission, as well as delivering your project/outcome we will ask you to do some other things. These are to help us tell the story of your project, evaluate its success and explore how it could be developed further.

We will ask you to:

  • Write some words and provide photos/videos to help us tell the story of your commission on our website and social media, including:
    • write a short description of your project
    • provide a photo(s) that represents your project
    • write a short blog about your commission
  • Report back on any audience and participant engagement
  • Present your project at our Kickstart Mini Commissions Creative Café — an evening showcase event for local creatives.
  • Register and have a profile on The Matrix (Revoluton’s online platform for Luton creatives) when it goes live.
  • Have a conversation with Revoluton Arts’ Producers’ Hub (led by 1DegreeEast) about the future potential of your project.

How are successful applicants chosen?

Successful applicants are chosen by a panel made up of Revoluton Arts, 1DegreeEast Producers’ Hub, and two community partners.

How many Kickstarter Mini Commissions are available?

There are five creative investments available in each round and there are two rounds per year.

How do I apply for a Kickstart Mini Commission?

It’s easy to apply — there’s no application form!


  • Write - on no more than 2 sides of A4 or
  • Make a video - no more than 5 minutes long

Whichever method you choose, in your application you’ll need to tell us:

  1. about you
  2. about your project
  3. how it will make a difference to Luton’s citizens — or your own creative practice.
  4. how much money you’re applying for (up to £400)
  5. when you’ll start and finish your project
  6. your contact details.

When does the next round of Kickstarter Mini Commissions open?

Kickstart Mini Commissions are now closed for applications until spring 2020.

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