Kickstart Mini Commissions

Find out what the successful applicants are doing with their £400

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Back in January, we offered five pots of up to £400 to help local creatives kick start their creative project.

Because the standard was high, we ended up extending offering a Kickstart Mini Commission a total of eight creatives.

The creatives are now hard at work and you can find out about them and their projects below.

We want to thank everyone who applied and if you weren’t successful this time - or you missed the deadline - then make sure look out for our next round of Kickstart Mini Commissions later this year.

Successful applicants

Yva Jung

Yva was born in Seoul and is currently based in London and Hertfordshire. Her work encompasses sculpture, drawing, video and improvised encounters.

Yva has a PhD in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art, and an MA Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts, New York.

Instagram: @yvajung

Project: Monday Morning

Sculptures for stories in the Mall (event)


Do you think you need to be rich to own an original artwork? What if you could exchange a story for a work of art?

For her Mini Commission project, Yva will create sculptures made with dew collected on Monday mornings and offer them in exchange for stories from a mobile stall in the Mall. No money will change hands.

Yva will record the stories she collects and use them to create illustrated booklets. The booklets will appear in her exhibition at the Departure Lounge/Storefront (30 May to 13 July 2019) and be given away to visitors at the show’s closing event (Saturday 13 July, 1pm - 3pm).

Yva’s aim with this project is to build relationships with the public in a non-art location and use those encounters to draw people into the gallery to see her new work inspired by the stories they have given.

Yva will present the stories she has exchanged at the Mini Commission Creative Cafe event.


Yva will be in the Mall inviting people to barter stories for her sculptures:

Sunday 28 April 2019, 12 noon - 2pm
Melson Square (opposite Ryman Stationery), The Mall, Luton

Jakub Rokita


Jakub is mostly self-taught and has been making art in various forms for almost 20 years. He began working in street art and analogue photography before turning to audiovisual performances.

In 2015, Jakub hosted a weekly electronic music radio show "Recognize" on UoB's RadioLab in.

Jakub was shortlisted for the London's Delphian Gallery's open call.

Instagram and Twitter: @cmykscum

Project: In Transit

Beauty on the Busway (stop frame animation)

Using stop frame animation, Jakub’s video is based on photographs taken on his regular cycle journey along the Busway. Quirky, colourful and abstract, it takes its colours from Luton and Bedfordshire's coat of arms, crest and branding.

Jakub’s is available to view now online and will be presented at our Mini Commission Creative Cafe event on 11 June 2019.

Release date

Friday 26 April
Watch 'In Transit' by Jakub Rokita on our YouTube channel now


Hatiq Mohammed aka ‘Teakster’ is an award-winning artist, who offers a refreshing new take on Islamic art. His work fuses Islamic artistic traditions with modern techniques inspired by his British upbringing.

Teakster’s work has been featured in publications and exhibitions across the USA, United Arab Emirates, Europe, and the Far East for over a decade.

He has exhibited work to a diverse range of audiences, including various world leaders and Middle Eastern royalty.

Twitter: @Teakster
Instagram: @Teakster_art

Project: The Art of Pattern

Connecting cultures through calligraphy and graphic art (mural/artwork)


Teakster says: “Art has the power to engage and inspire our community by giving them a deeper connection to their identity.” His project will explore this while working with people from different cultural heritages to create a mural.

Teakster will work with children and young people to create murals using techniques such as stencil making, drawing and spray painting. The pieces will represent their experiences, explore the importance of understanding different cultures and the future of integration and multiculturalism. The local community will also be invited in to contribute ideas.

The young people's artworks will be combined to create a large portable mural that will be displayed in a public exhibition.

Abbie Paramor


Porn paint (installation)

Is pornography stealthily creeping into all areas of life?

Abbie’s project aims to explore this idea by creating a range of paint colours and accompanying photographic marketing materials based on colours found on websites thrown up by the top ten searches for pornography. She would like to explore the idea of creating a pop-up shop to see if the paint would actually sell.

Abbie will display the paint range and advertising materials at the Mini Commissions Creative Cafe event.

Gary Stevens


Countering negative messages in music (music video)

Gary’s project aims to counter negative messages in some music genres. He wants to create a music video using local young people as performers.

Sonder Dance Theatre


Meeting and parting stories (dance)

Sonder Dance’s project aims to explore people’s significant meeting and parting moments through the medium of dance.

Sonder Dance Theatre has put out an online request for people’s stories of these significant life moments. They will select some of these stories and recreate them as a series of dance duets.

Sonder Dance will perform the dance duets at the Mini Commission Creative Cafe event.

Samantha Fox


Portraits and stories from homeless people in Luton (photography and sound installation)

Samantha’s project aims to give a face and voice to homeless people in Luton.

Samantha will create photographic portraits of local homeless people and their surroundings. She will also interview them.

Samantha will exhibit the photographs and sound installation at the Mini Commission Creative Cafe event.

Kerrie Duggan


Women-only art happening (event)

Kerrie’s wants to create an art experience/event for women only.

She will report on the outcome of her project at the Mini Commission Creative Cafe event.


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