Kickstart Mini Commissions

Up to £400 to help you kickstart your creative project [Closed until spring 2020]

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Our current round of applications has now closed.

The next round of Mini Commissions will be available to apply for in spring 2020.

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About Kickstart Mini Commissions

Are you based in Luton with a creative idea that you would like to kickstart?

Our Kickstart Mini Commissions programme lets local creative apply for a creative investment of up to £400 (there is no minimum to the amount you can apply for).

It might be that you want to test out an idea, put on a new event in Luton, collaborate with another creative, need a piece of equipment - or something else. You tell us what would make the difference.

Successful commissions will form the start of Revoluton’s ‘Stories of Luton’ creative library - a digital collection of Luton stories and ideas.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a Kickstart Mini Commission, you must:

  • be over 18
  • live or work in Luton and
  • have an idea for a creative project that will benefit Luton’s communities, OR a requirement that will make a difference to the development of your creative practice.

Requirements of the Mini Commissions

In return for your creative investment, we ask that you:

  • Deliver your activity by a given date (usually around 4 months after the application closing date)
  • Create content to help us tell the story of your commission on our website and social media. We will ask you to:
    • write a short description of your project
    • provide a photo that represents your project
    • write a short blog about your commission
  • Report back on any audience and participant engagement
  • Present your project at Revoluton’s Creative Café (an evening event for local creatives)
  • Register and have a profile on The Matrix (Revoluton’s online platform for Luton creatives) when it goes live
  • Have a conversation with Revoluton Arts’ Producers’ Hub (led by 1DegreeEast) about the future potential of your project.

Selection Process

Applications are selected by a panel comprising Revoluton Arts, 1degreeEast producers hub, and two community partners.


There are no updates yet. Stay tuned for future changes!

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