Matrix Co-Lab Commissions

What were the Matrix Co-Lab Commissions?

In 2021, Revoluton Arts’ Co-Lab Commissions (investments of £2000) were awarded to 4 creative organisations and creative individuals who live or work in Luton, who worked collaboratively with another creative.

As we emerged from the digital world into real life, Revoluton Arts challenged our creative community to help us 'imaginate,' ideate and collaborate to explore what our creative sector could look like. On the one hand, the digital world has opened up creativity and participation for audiences in new ways; and for many, digital has been a period of digital exclusion and creative isolation.

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We were pleased to be working with the four commissioned artist collaborators of the Matrix Co-Lab Commissions.It was a difficult selection process from the entries that were submitted, as there were some excellent ideas out there. We thank all the entrants who took the time to submit their entries. The four winning collaborations were:

Women's Space

Shemiza Rashid and Sophie Gresswell, exploring women's space…invasive or accessible? an experimental audio-visual project exploring 'Zoom' on and off camera and the experiences, pressures and possibilities platforms like 'Zoom' create for women working in Luton.

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Luton and Me Exhibition

Aaron Spendelow and Greta Zabulyte joined forces to produce filmed storytelling short interviews with Luton citizens, exploring their honest reflections of life pre, during and post Covid lockdown restrictions. The project aimed at encouraging community spirit, understanding, empathy, education and is representative of the cultural landscape in Luton.

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Moriam Grillo and Teakster (Hatiq Mohammed) collaborate on an immersive digital installation, Coming Back Together, which will use light, colour, sound, and words to stimulate the senses. and offer an opportunity for local people to collaborate in the telling of our shared experience through Coivd-19 and the tensions that arise from resuming everyday life after a long period of lockdown. This project will enable further processing and learning to take place within a therapeutic setting that offers a safe space to come and reflect.

The Basement Bunch and Nicole Mollett collaborate to test and explore ideas to work towards creating an animation series to engage with and expand their adult audiences, exploring a heightened reality inspired by the fantasy genre. They will develop the design and voice of three female characters living in an envisioned world where differences in backgrounds and culture strengthens communities rather than divides them; drawing on the themes of 'joy', 'women' and 'power'.

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