Creative Cafés

Connect. Collaborate. Create

Whatever your creative ambition, it’s easier when you’re part of a community of like-minded people.

What are Creative Cafés?

Revoluton Arts’ Creative Cafés are small, friendly events for local creatives to get together, share project ideas, network and find out what other creatives are working on.

What happens at a Creative Café?

A Creative Café usually kicks off with a talk by one or two guest speakers who are experts in a creative field. Our guest speakers offer tips and advice, drawing on their own first-hand experience.

Afterwards, you have the opportunity to questions, and network and share your ideas with other local creatives.

Refreshments are provided.

Who are Creative Cafés for?

Creative Cafés are for all creative Lutonians who are looking for a friendly environment where they can meet like-minded folk, share project ideas and talk about their work.

It doesn’t matter what stage of your creative career you’re at - whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, everyone is welcome.

Where do Creative Cafés happen?

Creative Cafés run at different venues across Luton — we’ve run events in the town centre, Bury Park and Marsh Farm.

When do Creative Cafés run?

We run Creative Cafés throughout the year.

They are usually on a weekday evening and last about two hours.

How do I book my place at a Creative Café?

As soon as a new Creative Café is announced you can book your ticket on Eventbrite.

How much do Creative Café tickets cost?

Tickets to our Creative Cafés are free.

When is the next Creative Café?

We usually announce Creative Cafés a week or two in advance.

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