The Big Strum — in partnership with The Mix

An ambitious project to get all of Luton and beyond playing the ukulele. Part of our Digital Revoluton online programme.

Every week, Adam and Phil from The Music Mix will teach you how to play the ukulele through online workshops.

Learn songs, play together, have fun.

Where to get a ukulele

If you don’t have a ukulele you can still order and have delivered one from Chamberlain Music: order a ukulele.

If you have a ukulele(s) that you are no longer using and might be able to donate then get in touch.

We're working with and through local community groups to supply ukuleles to those that might not be able to afford it so contact if you have a group that you would like to nominate.


Zoom and Facebook Live


Register to get your Zoom link for the best experience.

About your teachers

Adam Cowburn

Adam studied a BA and MA at Leeds College of Music specialising in percussion. He has performed in many prestigious venues around the country performing in numerous musical styles. For over 10 years he has been teaching young people across the country a wide range of musical instruments including percussion and music technology. An impulse buy of a ukulele one day in a music shop started a lifelong love affair with the ukulele. Adam currently works for the Luton Music Service and in 2018, along with Phil Knight, founded The Ukulele School, an online resource.

Phil Knight

I picked up the guitar and started thrashing out Metallica covers at the age of 13. My time at college was spent playing in various bands with friends. I then went off to study at the Guitar Institute in London where I earned my degree. Taking a year out at University saw me travelling around Australia, guitar in tow. After graduating I started working at the Luton music service teaching guitar. As part of my work with Luton, I discovered the ukulele and along with Adam, co-founded .

Lessons and practice videos on our YouTube channel

Missed a lesson?

Don't panic!

You can find all the lessons and practice videos on the Revoluton Arts YouTube channel Big Strum playlist.

The Big Strum - ukulele lessons and practice videos
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