Four faces on colourful backgrounds

Touchstone Tales

Stories of Lutonians by Sudha Bhuchar

Touchstone Tales is a unique collection of revealing and illuminating stories of Lutonians, seen through the prism of touch. These fictional self-portraits are written by playwright/actor Sudha Bhuchar and inspired by her residency in Bury Park during this unprecedented year, when Covid 19 stole so much human contact. Participants came together (physically and virtually) through workshops, interviews, and a crowd sourced/ co created film, Ramadan in Lockdown Luton. Bhuchar has transformed these shared narratives into a theatrical piece performed online and now captured as audio podcasts and a published text.

Touchstone Tales is set in the period spanning from the first lockdown to before the second. Together the stories chronicle the times we are living through. All the characters are talking to the absent writer, Sudha.

The pieces are directed by Kristine Landon-Smith and produced for audio by Jonquil Panting of Jonx Productions. The music is by Niraj Chag with singing by Japjit Kaur.

Touchstone Tales was a Revoluton Arts co-commission with the Wellcome Collection.