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Young Revolutonaries

Young Revolutonaries

£300 micro-commissions and paid professional development for young Luton creatives

Get paid to showcase your work at Bute Street Film & Art Festival 2024

Secure a £300 micro-commissions and get paid to develop a creative project you are passionate about with our producing team and the team behind Bute Street Film & Art Festival

We support Young Revolutonaries over a period of three months through bespoke 1:1 support and group workshops, delivered by a range of experts, that cover producing and project management essentials. Young Revolutonaries also have access to unlimited 1:1s with our partners 1DegreesEast for a year after their project is delivered.

We are interested in hearing about ideas for projects that would be delivered in Luton for local audiences.  We are particularly interested in projects that connect to:

  • Bury Park
  • Farley Hill
  • Marsh Farm
  • Digital audience

Fill in our short form via the button above to submit your idea now.

For more information email Maria at [email protected].


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