Commission Opportunity: Young Revolutonaries

Calling all young creatives in Luton! Are you ready to become a Young Revolutonary and take your next steps to enhance your creative portfolio?

Young Revolutonaries offers 10 young people, aged 16 – 30, £300 to produce a creative project they want to make happen! As a Young Revolutonary, you will be paid to attend skill development and 1:1 session led by expert facilitators to maximise the impact of your commission. These micro-commissions will take place in Bury Park, Farley Hill & Marsh Farm. They aim to animate and engage local audiences.

How to apply?

Complete the application form below telling us about your project, why you are interested in applying, how it will engage local audiences and how it will help your future.

Deadline: 10:00 on Monday 4 December.

Application Form

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