Your business. Your creativity. A vision for a creative Bury Park.

About this event

Do you run a business in Bury Park? Do you think creativity is important to your business and your customer’s experiences? Do you have ideas of how to bring more creativity to Bury Park?

We need your help to make a collective vision for the future of creativity in Bury Park that we can all be proud of.

Creativity is all around us and within us; we encounter creativity everywhere, from stores stocking beautifully designed fabrics and clothing, or hand-crafted jewellery in exquisite patterns, to barbering, hair and beauty skills and delicious recipes created using specific techniques, creativity can take any form in your business and in our everyday lives.

Through a local residency programme in Bury Park over the past few years, we have worked collaboratively in an authentic and integral way to design and deliver creative experiences, alongside local businesses, with Nutkhut immersive theatre taking place in several shops. We explored the meaning of “Touch” with award winning playwright and actor Sudhar Buchar and a film about what life was like during Ramadan in Lock down. We have also facilitated calligraphy and henna workshops, supported family shows in the community centre and ran a competition and event encouraging participants to get creative with their recipes using dates, then sharing the significance of that recipe with us.

So, if you have hopes for more local creativity, or you recognise creativity in your workplace and you would like to get involved to help create a vision for the future of creativity in Bury Park, take part in our forum and have your voice heard. We will explore creativity means to you, what you hope to see and how it will enhance your business offer.

We will be producing a written creative vision? based on all the input and feedback from participants which will clearly set out what we intend to do as an organisation to support, nurture, encourage and grow more creativity with you.

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Tue, 15 Jun 2021 19:00 — 20:00



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