One Sound, One Voice Taster Session

Project information:

One Sound, One Voice is a music making project for young people between 16-25 who have a passion for music in any stage of their career. Participant will take part in a series of workshops where they will have the opportunity grow their music writing, perform and meet new and local musicians to collaborate with. This project is a response to the rising cases of loneliness with community and nurturing yourself through creative activity and expression. By joining the programme participants will have the opportunity to record the written material from the workshops at the Marsh Farm Studio, perform at our virtual event and have the music project release on Soundcloud.

Artist bio:

Lavz is a professional musician, music producer, lyricist and performer from Luton. Her experimental Hip-Hop sound and style empowers and inspires listeners through her experiences and Her lyrics are a testament of her non changing reality placed within a uniquely developed hip-hop sound. ‘Lavz Live’ is a self-titled term for her live performances. On stage she exhibits an infectious and bold energy in a masterful manner, creating memorable and exclusive experiences for all audiences, invoking hope.

Since meeting Revoluton Arts in 2019 on the Justice 39 project at People Power Passion, she has worked closely with them and has had a series of commissions with them such as Lavz Live online and songwriting workshops. She is also a Young Digtial Associate.

Reading & Leeds performance:


Fri, 30 Apr 2021 18:30 — 19:30




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