July Mic Drop Masterclass

Designing Soundscapes

Wednesday 31 July 2024

18:00 - 21:00

Marsh House

Delve into the world of soundscapes. 
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Is this for me?

This Mic Drop Masterclass is for anyone who enjoys listening to music, ambient sounds and experimenting with sounds. No prior experience of music is required – only an interest and an openness to create.


Are you interested in music, sound art, film & performance? Do you like experimenting with sound?


Join us for our July Mic Drop Masterclass as we delve into the world of soundscapes. What to expect:

  • Master the craft of audio recording
  • How to weave multiple sounds to create a soundscape
  • Create a collaborative soundscape of Luton.


Dropping the mic this session is Maham Suhail. Maham is an Alternative and Sufi/Ethno-Jazz performer & composer. Her eclectic Folk repertoire spans across 8 lyrical languages. Maham’s work touches on social and spiritual empowerment themes. She has been recognized for her social work in interfaith harmony promotion, music for healing; and preservation of fading folk traditions.

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I don’t want a creative career, is this still for me?

Yes – Monthly Mic Drop Masterclasses are designed to for Lutonians aged 16-30 who are looking for a space to relax, have fun and enjoy exploring their creativity.

The session topic is completely new to me, is this still for me?

Yes – Guest facilitators will be able to tailor the session to your existing level of knowledge whether you are discovering it for the first time or looking to build on your existing knowledge with new tips and tricks.

Will the session be relevant to the artform I practice?  

Yes – the key to any successful artistic project is collaboration so guest facilitators will tailor their session to ensure it is relevant to every artform.

Marsh House

Marsh House Community Centre, Bramingham Road Luton LU3 2SR
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Presented by Revoluton Arts, supported by Arts Council England & the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

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