"Writing is not just a smart kids future"- Yasmin writes this week's Club Revoluton blog

Apr 19, 2021

Last week's Club Revoluton Session was a closed session with CHUMS. Yasmin, who is another one of our wonderful Young Digital Associates, working on the Club Revoluton project with James McDermott. As well as supporting in the closed sessions, Yasmin has been creating marketing material for the project

Yasmin writes:

“Your experiences are a lens through which you uniquely see the world. It’s your superpower.”

This week’s Club Revolution session beautifully explored the use of identity to inform our writing. Members candidly shared their stories of growing up in Luton, and how they felt the town (& stigma of it) has enriched and also limited their lives.

Through embracing our experiences, James inspired young Lutonians to create powerful pieces of writing on themes such as ‘unfulfilled potential’, ‘beauty masked by negativity’ and ‘the desire for change’ - And for one, the realisation that “writing is not just a smart kids future”.

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