We are looking for an experienced arts professional/consultant

Jul 08, 2019

We are looking to contract an experienced arts professional/consultant to help us complete a feasibility report and options plan to support our ambition to become an independent charity in the next 2 years.

Deadline to apply is: Midnight, Sunday 4 August 2019

Arts professional / consultant

Revoluton Arts' Consortium partners, led by Luton Culture, are looking to directly contract a consultant to deliver Phase 1 of a project to secure independence for Revoluton as a grass roots arts organisation by the end of the current funding round (March 2021).

Phase 1 includes; researching trust, charity and funding models, governance options, case studies of these and timescales and phasing for making this happen, plus a thorough understanding of how an effective handover can be delivered by Luton Culture, who currently as the CPP lead partner with responsibility for the Arts Council funding agreement, to ensure Revoluton can take lead of Luton’s CPP funding agreement and apply for their own ongoing funding grants directly.

Phase 2, will be a commission after phase 1 is completed, with the aim to deliver the Consortium agreed option that will lead Revoluton Arts to its independence.

NB: Phase 2 is subject to the successful and satisfactory completion of Phase 1 and securing of funding to support Phase 2.

The Consortium is seeking a professional with the following skills set;

  • Experience in strategic thinking and policy making, business modelling and experience in supporting organisations towards independence.
  • Experience in coordinating high level and strategic consultation with agreed stakeholders, partners and the Consortium drawn from the local arts ecology.
  • Demonstrable experience in producing accessible, detailed options and feasibility reports and high level presentation skills.
  • Track record in working with independent charities and arts organisations.

Outputs required

  1. A ‘supply and demand analysis’ to understand the fit of the organisation within the current arts ecology of Luton
  2. Completion of research into independent model options for Revoluton Arts and presentation of findings to Consortium as a Feasibility Study/Options Appraisal. Research should draw on positive and negative experiences of other CPP projects and partners and other arts and cultural bodies and be set out as case studies that can be shared as a valuable learning with other CPPs and that can be informed by consultation with agreed Consortium, funders, strategic partners and project staff.
  3. Production of summary of this research and an overarching report with recommendations based on this research and their own experience and findings.
  4. A long term plan for how transfer of leadership of the CPP grant from Luton Culture to Revoluton could be supported, that ensures good accountability and financial and policy assurances that the core CPP funder, Arts Council, will approve.
  5. Fundraising/resource plan to support ongoing financial sustainability
  6. Timeline and key next steps to deliver the recommended independence plan

Budget: Fixed fully inclusive fee to be included with tender (see section 5 of download - how to apply). We estimate that there is approximately 15 days’ work.

Timescale: To start at the earliest opportunity and complete by the end of March 2020.

Revoluton Arts Arts Professional Consultant Brief V3

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