The Future is bright

May 19, 2021

Last week was full of busyness, as we excitedly prepared to launch our first YDA-led event.

After noticing the shared challenges reported by young creatives within our fortnightly Club Revoluton workshops, we became inspired to fuse our passion for creativity with our backgrounds in employability and development to create Revoluton Arts’ first ‘Young Writers Panel’ - and with great success!

Lutonian writers: Cerys Wrigley (@cerys_wrigley), Sam Edmunds(@chalklinetheatre), Sadface the Poet (@sadfacethepoet) and our own YDA Bruno Rebelo (@brunotherebel) brought a plethora of talent, techniques and advice to the panel, whilst creating a safe virtual space for young people to develop their writing skills, and ask questions about their creative journeys.

The event also allowed local creatives to voice their views on the government’s latest plans to half art sector funding, and how this will impact the industry and their futures. Despite feelings of concern, attendees expressed that grassroot-level events (such as the ‘Young Writers Panel’) helped them to feel ‘understood and motivated to create’ and that ‘...writing with so many other young people was inspiring - The future is bright”.

- Yasmin

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