Talented Luton singers wanted for #Sacredsongs2016 event

Nov 08, 2016

This year Revoluton Arts have brought to Luton MonologueSlam UK, Luton Midnight Run, Clash of Drums and Levels Festival. Our last big event of 2016 #SacredSongs2016 puts community right at the heart of it and we're looking for talented Lutonians to perform. 

Music stands amongst few, as a form of language that is universal. Transcending cultural barriers, political divides, ages and traditions. Music is the fragrance we use to define our scent, our sense and the scene in which we place what we feel to be sacred. 

Held at the Carnival Arts Centre on Friday 16 December, #SacredSongs2016 is poised so that the town will gather to celebrate music of this scene. The event will create a platform for emerging talents from across the many communities of Luton to come together through a shared love of music and creativity. 

The music on the night will be composed by local Conductor and music pioneer David Murphy, whose work takes him to the world's finest orchestras.

Take part in #SacredSongs2016

We are holding open workshops for singers of any age or ability to come along and find out how you can take part in #SacredSongs2016. We encourage all attending to bring along a digital version or CD of a song that has a particular meaning to you, to share. If you have the music in score format please bring it as well. With a hope to capture our unique stories, salute that which is sacred and create a hymnal of Luton's sound.

Register for a free workshop

Saturday 19 November Carnival Arts Centre Session 1 - 12pm - 1pm Session 2  - 1.30pm - 2.30pm 

Come and join us for a sharing of music and creativity, in a relaxed atmosphere...drinks and cakes will be provided. Register now >>

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