Pull Up a Chair—Socially engaged artist residency opportunity

Oct 17, 2019

A unique residency designed specifically for socially engaged artists.

It is important that an artist is unfamiliar with the location. If you are a Luton-based artist, you may be interested in the other residencies in Gravesham, and Swale and Medway. See the Pull Up A Chair website for more details.

  • 28 days—mid-January to mid-February 2020
  • The residency is unpaid however the project will cover costs of accommodation, travel and food included in the programme.
  • Deadline for applications: 10am on Monday 11 November
  • Interviews: Monday 25 November in Luton

Benefits for artists

  • Expand your understanding of everyday creativity—and what can help and hinder that process.
  • Take time away from your usual responsibilities to gain greater perspective on your work.
  • Stimulate new ideas and approaches for your practice by participating in new and diverse activities.
  • Post-residency check-ins from Apexart based in New York City to monitor the longer-term impact on your practice

About the Pull Up a Chair project

Pull Up a Chair is an Arts Council funded research and development project led by Quiet Down There (QDT) based in Brighton. It offers an alternative artist residency model specifically designed for socially engaged artists.

The residency model has been developed through a collaboration with Apexart based in New York City. Apexart have been offering artist fellowships in New York and around the world since 2000.

Residency overview

Revoluton Arts in partnership with Quiet Down There is delighted to host this unique artist residency in Luton.

The Luton residency will take the overarching theme of ‘joy’.

You will immerse yourself in Luton’s community, experiencing what it’s like to live, work and play here.

You will take part in an extensive programme of locally based activities, for example:

  • having a haircut
  • walking a dog
  • using a laundrette
  • using local transport
  • getting lost and asking for directions
  • attending religious/spiritual activities
  • physical activities ie yoga class
  • creative sessions such as life drawing
  • volunteering for local events and charities
  • attending a local talk or walking tour
  • meeting with key local people

The idea is that you can pull up a chair alongside the communities and groups in an area of low arts engagement.

There is no requirement to make work during the residency in fact we ask artists to refrain from making work during the residency as it allows for the experience to be processed in a different way.

The residency needs an open approach, the artist will need to be willing to jump in with both feet and ride the ups and downs which come with the different experiences.

Based in central Luton but spending time across Luton including Marsh Farm and Legrave Ward, this project is an important part of Revoluton’s work to animate our new venue and research our role in the wider community of Marsh Farm.

The residency is unpaid however the project will cover costs of accommodation, travel and food included in the programme.

How to apply

We welcome applications from early-career artists or artists who have not had opportunities for previous professional development.

For full details of the project and how to apply, please download the full brief here or visit the Quiet Down There website.

Applications need to be sent to hello@quietdownthere.co.uk by 10am on Monday 11 November 2019

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