Help us tell the story of Ramadan in lockdown in Luton through the lens of 'touch' — callout for videos

May 06, 2020

Graphic by Ferdusi Jahan

Touchstone Tales is a platform for sharing stories from Bury Park/Luton around the theme of ‘touch’ and this is even more poignant in the current situation when we are experiencing ‘absence of touch’.

Send us your videos

If you are observing Ramadan alone or with your family, we invite you to share your experiences of ‘Ramadan in Lockdown Luton’ through submitting video clips inspired by the theme of ‘touch’, taken simply on any video recording device you have at hand such as a phone or camera.

  • What is lost and what has been gained from not being able to be communal and tactile as normal?
  • What is the role of ‘touch’ in your and your family’s life currently?

Whether, early morning or prayer times, chand raat or how you marked Eid, your contributions will help chronicle the story of this ‘Ramadan in Lockdown Luton’.

You are free to interpret the theme and contribute your voice.


Please send footage that includes:

  1. a piece talking to camera (or audio if you prefer not to be visible)

  2. scenes of your observance of Ramadan that inspire you when thinking about 'touch'

To be considered, the footage should include both the above 1 and 2, altogether amounting to a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes.

See end of page for examples of the two types of film required. The examples have been filmed in portrait layout, but landscape versions will fine as well.

You could be part of our short film

All the footage we receive will be collated and edited into a short film by Lydia Howe who previously made Creative Bury Park.

You will be invited to an online public event to see the film and contribute to the Q and A, hosted by award-winning actor and playwright Sudha Bhuchar.

How to send us your videos

Please send your videos using the WeTransfer website to by Wednesday 27 May. See below for a video walkthrough of using a phone to send files by WeTransfer.

  • Go to
  • Click the + button to upload your clip
  • Email to:
  • Enter your email address
  • Click 'Transfer'

Once we've got your video we’ll send you a 'release form' to complete and send back, asking you to confirm you give permission to use your clip in the film.

Example 1: Ramadan in Lockdown

Example of a piece talking to camera about Ramadan in Lockdown in relation to 'touch' or lack of.

Example 2: Ramadan Lockdown Luton

Example of filming an observance of Ramadan inspired by the subject of 'touch'.

How to use WeTransfer — video walkthrough

Video courtesy of Amena Rawr, beauty influencer

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