Growing creatively with Revoluton Arts

Sep 02, 2020

During lockdown, we moved our entire creative programme online. We commissioned local theatre-maker, Aaron Spendelow, to create an online, educational creative show to keep 4 to 10-year-olds entertained. The show—’Something New at 2’—was streamed every week for eight weeks on Zoom and Facebook Live.

In this guest blog, Aaron writes about his journey with Revoluton and his experience of creating ’Something New at 2’.

Aaron writes:

I’m Aaron Spendelow. I have performed various works and projects for children’s audiences all around the world.

Transitioning from an actor/performer to a creative producer, I met the Revoluton family a few years back. They have mentored, guided and coached me on my route to become a creative producer.

Revoluton Arts first helped with my artist development in supporting me to create my own show for children.

Then I worked with Revoluton acting and bringing my character work to a community performance of ‘Riots to Revoluton’ [a retelling of the story of Luton’s 1995 Marsh Farm riots based on local people’s testimonies].

This third project for Revoluton was creative content for children—this time digital.

In creating ‘Something New at 2’ I was accountable and responsible for creating content for children online, editing and writing suitable scripts and then filming the project at home.

Engaging with an [online] audience was probably the most difficult, as [the feedback] wasn’t instant or visible at all.

When performing [‘real-life’] shows for children I would often see the visual feedback and sounds of the reactions that would guide and influence my performance. In this instance I had to trust my previous experience, gut feeling and trust that the content created would work and be right.

Thank goodness the feedback was positive after [the show].

I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with Revoluton Arts once again. In each project, I have professionally grown. I have been creative with different thinking and techniques and I continue to be grateful for their ongoing support.

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