Club Revoluton Writing Session : Bruno Reflects

Apr 15, 2021

Last week, we started our Club Revoluton Write & Share workshops, led by award winning and Eastender's writer James McDermott for Luton Young adults. Over the last few weeks, leading up to the workshops, Bruno, one of our Young Digital Associates has been working with our Young Digital Coordinator, Adeyinka to create and promote the workshops.

In this guest blog, Bruno writes about his thoughts on the first session of the workshops:

Bruno writes:

"This week's workshop reminded me of one thing - art is impulsive, art is sporadic and art is spontaneous. It reminded me that art is unplanned. After having worked in retail during the entire lockdown, indulging in James' exercises helped me reconnect with my artistic pulse, and because pictures speak better than words, I created two designs to describe my overall feeling for this week's workshop."

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