Club Revoluton with James McDermott

Nov 19, 2021

FUN FACT: The talented James McDermott is on the script-writing team for popular BBC1 soap Eastenders; watch his episode on Friday 26th November 2021!


I first worked with Revoluton Arts in 2019 when I co-wrote Justice 39 with Roy Williams and Atiha Sen Gupta for People Power Passion. I loved Revoluton Arts’ ethos to engage and develop the skills of young artists from all walks of life and so I ran some zoom playwriting and poetry writing courses for their network during lockdown. Following the success of those courses, Revoluton Arts then commissioned me to write an Arts Council funded play from more workshops with young people called Club Revoluton, which explores work life and night life for 18-30 year old’s in the town. We have secured a further grant for that play to go to full production with a cast made up of young Lutonians.

My advice to those who want to pursue scriptwriting is read and watch everything you can – input is as important as output – and write as much as you can – creativity is a muscle so build it! ‘Finding your voice’ is finding what you want to write about and how you want to write about it. Write the scripts you want to see in the world not the scripts you think the world needs to see from you. Enter competitions and call outs on BBC Writersroom and London Playwrights Blog. Learn writing craft from great books like Into The Woods by John Yorke or by joining writing groups. The harder you work the luckier you get. Find your people, do the work, ignore the noise.

James McDermott I Scriptwriter, Poet & Creative Writing Teacher

James McDermott I Scriptwriter, Poet & Creative Writing Teacher


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