BSBT Artist Brief for Wellington Street Underpass

Dec 21, 2018

We are looking for an artist or group of artists to collaborate with young people in Luton to produce an artwork to reinvigorate the Wellington Street underpass, bringing it to life, and creating a local landmark that has been inspired by the ideas and vision of young people across the town.

The work can be paint and/or light based, and be a permanent installation for the town.

The selected artist(s) will be supported by the Revoluton Arts team through the development of the work, as well as Cultural Enabler and Highways Team at Luton Council.

This brief is deliberately very open, as we are interested in starting a conversation with an artist or collective to explore the possibilities presented by the partnership, the underpass and in particular, the young people as participants and co-creators of this work.

We are therefore particularly interested in hearing from artist(s) who have a track record of meaningful collaboration with young people to realise high quality outcomes.

We are keen to hear your ideas for starting points, areas of particular curiosity and inspiration. But we recognise that the process ultimately will define the outcomes of the work as it develops, so these are not expected to be set in stone from the outset.

The budget for this project is in the region of £20,000, which must cover fees, expenses, materials and be inclusive of VAT. Given the short timescale for participation and delivery, it is important that you are clear about what is possible in terms of delivery and consider how to create maximum impact within a tight budget and timescale.

The Wellington Street underpass has multiple access points to light, and therefore for artists wishing to use lighting as part or wholly for this may apply for a further £3K to support this. The artist(s) will be expected to manage all aspects of the technical and build installation within budget.
Note: Luton Council may be able to support with the costs of preparing the surfaces of the underpass ready for artwork to be installed and/or finishing the surfaces of the underpass to protect it from graffiti. Please see ‘Preparation & Installation’ for further detail.

The selected artist/s will work during February and March 2018 to collaborate with young people across the town in the creation and collection of ideas for the work. We expect the final sign off of works to be completed by 31 March 2019.
Revoluton Arts will support the selected artist/s with the engagement of young people to participate in the project.

Deadline for applications: 11:59pm Friday 18th Jan 2019

Applicants can make enquiries regarding the commission to

Please download full brief below:

Bsbt Artist Brief Wellington Street Luton Underpass Final

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