Artist Call Out for The Midnight Run Luton

May 27, 2016

The Midnight Run is a walking, arts-filled, night-time cultural journey through urban spaces. It gathers strangers and local artists/activists to explore, play and create whilst the city sleeps. These very short films capture the look and feel of the events:

We eat, dance, write poetry, play basketball, make theatre, tell stories and go where the urban wind blows. The artists/activists are vital to the Midnight Run. Their task during the event, is to share their art forms with the participants and to run short workshops, no more that 25 - 30 minutes. The route of the walk will also be planned with their suggestions and input and these artforms in mind.

July 15th 2016 will see the first ever Midnight Run in Luton and we are looking for Luton-based artists. We are looking for artists/activists of diverse artforms – the only request is their craft be portable, easy to set up, engaging and interactive. Past artists/activists include: Illustrators, Visual Artists / Art teachers, Poets & Spoken word artists, Journalists, Guerrilla Gardeners, Musicians, Choir Leaders, Magicians, Dancers, Physical Theatre Makers, Actors & Acting coaches, Theatre Makers, Storytellers, Graffiti Artists, Wood Carvers, Puppeteers, Tailors, Cocktail Makers, Filmmakers and Photographers.


To apply please download the following application form and submit to by Wed 1 June.

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