A Step Closer to Making My Web Series

Feb 27, 2020

Guest post by Luton creative Shakira Francis on how a Revoluton Arts Kickstarter Mini Commission helped her create a trailer/teaser for her web series Thick As Thieves.

Writing a web series—creating film opportunities for women

I graduated from the Royal Central School for Speech and Drama in 2015 in Acting.

However, as the years went on I found myself frustrated with the opportunities for women in film. I began writing because I wanted to make a change anyway I could.

This was how the Thick As Thieves—a three-part web series about crime and friendship—was born.

I wrote a treatment for the series and approached a fellow actress and director with the idea.

Once she was on board I then approached The Basement Bunch, a Luton-based film and theatre company.

Funding from Revoluton Arts helped us create a teaser for our crowdfunder

We agreed that in order to make this web series we would need to crowdfund for it.

We needed to get the public as excited as we were.

Funding from a Revoluton Arts Kickstarter Mini Commission helped us create a trailer/teaser to use in our crowdfunding campaign.

As a result we are able to use this trailer when approaching investors and on social media as a proof of concept of what the web series will look like.

It also serves as proof that we are more than capable of creating this web series on time and in budget.

We showcased our work at Revoluton Arts’ Creative Café in January 2020 which was met with a positive response.

The stepping stone we needed

The Revoluton Arts Kickstarter Mini Commission was the stepping stone needed to get this web series off the ground. It also gave me the opportunity to collaborate and meet fellow Luton artists who I hope to work with in the future. I can't express my gratitude enough.

Thick As Thieves is one step closer to being made!

Watch the teaser: Thick As Thieves

Thick As Thieves pitch

Can you really trust your friends?

Thick As Thieves is a three-part web series about crime and friendship.

Alisha, Dan, Jess and Temi are friends struggling with adulthood post uni. They commit small-time robberies in order to make ends meet. One day they commit a crime that has consequences no one is ready for.

Back the Thick As Thieves web series

The crowdfunder for Thick As Thieves is LOVE!

Pledge packages start at £2 and perks range from a shout out on Twitter to a set visit and your name in the credits of each web episode.

The impact you can help us make

As Women of Colour our representation both in front and behind the camera is our passion. This is why Thick as Thieves was developed. We wanted to showcase a story with WOC in the drivers seat with mutli-dimensional characters that are relatable. The industry is slowly changing with how it represents WOC and we are contributing to that.

Back the Thick As Thieves crowdfunder on Indiegogo.

Find Shakira

Shakira Francis is a Luton-based director, writer and actress.

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